About us

1. (noun) ocean swell.

Hone the Label is inspired by the Māori word 'Hone', which means ocean swell. Our collections are created to emulate feelings of ease, consciousness and the earth.

We use 100% linen and are known for feminine silhouettes that meet contemporary sustainability goals. Our garments celebrate all body shapes and provide long lasting statement pieces. Our collections are made to last and we hope your treasure them like you do the ocean.

Hone was launched in March 2022 by designer and owner Taylor McCaw. As an Indigenous Maori woman working as a Criminologist, she has always been passionate about social justice and equality. Being plus size her entire life and limited accessibility of sustainable plus size fashion led to the creation of Hone the Label. In a recent article for fashionista.com Taylor summed up the brand by saying:

'Let's see if we can provide sustainable fashion that also looks at
celebrating our bodies the way they are'